The Diamond Cut Chart

Diamonds are sold in different shapes and cuts that make them look different and beautiful according to the shape they are cut in. There are as many as 10 different shapes in which a rough stone of diamond can be cut. So next time when you go out shopping for a diamond, you should know which shape is best for your personal tastes. It is important to know about shape of a diamond because each has its own outlook and brilliance and fire.

Below are the ten most popular diamond shapes that are readily available from any jewelry shop.

  • Round diamonds
  • princess cut diamond
  • oval diamond
  • marquise diamond
  • pear shaped diamond
  • Cushion cut diamond
  • emerald cut diamond
  • Asscher cut diamond
  • radiant cut diamond
  • Heart shaped diamond

Take a look at this diamond cut chart –

In all of these shapes, the round diamond shape is the most popular amongst people for it’s overall advantage over other shapes.

The round diamond shape is the most popular and loved diamond shape because it maximizes the reflection of light through the way it is cut. It is also the shape that makes 75% of all diamonds sold in the world. This is enough to understand why it is so popular.

Round diamonds are excellent diamonds because of their several applications, usability and popularity. They are sold usually at a higher price per carat than any other shape from the above listed shapes because of two reasons. First, the round diamond is tough to make because it requires a large stone and the demand is usually very high. The second is reason why it is so popular is because while this diamond is cut, the rough stone is not lost as much as it is lost in other shapes.

The round diamond shape was first made popular in the world in 1919 through the publication of Marcel Tolkowsky’s thesis. This was the first time the diamond shape was released in the world and his work described how the proportions of the round diamond should be cut to maximize the shapes perfect outlook. The cutting method he used back in the day is still followed in the modern day era. The cutting method ensures that light return on the diamond is kept as high as possible. However, the original shape design has under gone a few changes over time to keep up with the popular demand and today’s style. Over the period of time, this shape of the diamond has now been perfected and hence is the most popular shape out there.

As better equipment and advancement and technology was made, there have been a couple of modifications on how this shape is cut. With better equipment, artisans have been able to squeeze in more light and brilliance than ever before. Now these diamonds are cut through laser equipment which makes sure that the cut and shape is perfect and looks the most beautiful on pieces of jewelry.


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